Bactacyne is a narcotic primarily found throughout the human colony Xianguau, but has recently been spotted elsewhere. Xianguau, a planet with a population soaring into the tens of billions had a reputation around the UHG for it’s massive drug cartel issue. Similar to twenty-first century Mexico, the planet had a formal government established, but was ultimately controlled by hundreds of drug lords. While the planet had almost entirely old-earth vegetation and those created in the Vitae Projects, but in 2620, the Cyna bush was modified by biochemist Bao Jiang Ning, who was also an avid Opiate user. Jian Ning, who had been experiencing major withdrawals after a local crackdown on Opium, used his abilities to engineer a new type of Cyna bush. The leaves of the bush were bulked up with more fluid, which could then be extracted and baked to produce a fine but potent powder. This new species of Cyna bush was very similar in appearance to the original creation, but could be easily identified by the brownish stain on the inside of the xylem and phloem within the plant. Within years, millions of the new bush (referred to as the Bacta-Cyna)  were planted around Xianguau. While the UHG took notice, very little action was done to prevent. In 2790, in the midst of the Hivemind Insurgency, the planet’s crime-rate exploded, and within days nearly a million people were killed. Drug lords and their crew sifted through entire cities and hunted down government officials, using the dire times in the galaxy to their advantage. The colonies governor, Huang Mu Bao fled to Terra and called for a planet-scale emergency.