Introduction Edit

The Drift Dimension is used in travelling via the warp drive. The pilot of a specified spacecraft activates the engine which sends the spacecraft into the drift dimension for faster, more efficient travelling methods. While it was first used in 2176, the actual dimension was not discovered until 2665. While the dimension would be considered too hostile for any life seen in the known universe to be created, the Drift Dimension has various lifeforms that are incredibly hostile, more so than anything seen in the known universe. Lifeforms such as the Hivemind, and the one sentient species known to have been created, the Demons have become major problems for the galactic government, and have killed billions in their treacherous path.

History Edit

In 2176, the first warp drive was created accidentally in an attempt to create a more efficient generator. This is the first recorded incident where any matter from the known universe was sent to the Drift Dimension. Humans used this method of transportation to spread through the galaxy and relieve Earth of the pressure of overpopulation. Humans were the first species in several million years to discover this method of travel, even beating out the technologically advanced Fludiens. Since Humans and Fludiens became allies, Fludien spacecraft came equipped with a warp drive. When the Iquhayan War broke out, the Humans and Fludiens had a major advantage due to the ability to warp directly next to a major Iquhayan colony and proceed to destroy it before any resistance could be given. By the time any Iquhayan military arrived to fend off the invaders, the planet would have already been charred into a burnt corpse. Humans had eventually shared this technology with the Hyunarans after their discovery and acceptance into the alliance. In 2665, a small yet minor malfunction sent a spacecraft equipped with a warp drive into the Drift Dimension. While at first the incident was alarming, they were able to fire the warp drive again and return to the known universe. From then on, warp drives on research vessels have been equipped with a special device that allows them to remain in the drift dimension. Unfortunately, with the expansive research done within the dimension led to the outbreak of the Hivemind.

Hivemind Invasion Edit

In 2787, a research vessel accidentally harbored a number of Hivemind within the ship. While it was researching a small planet with hostile life on the surface, hivemind wasps wandered into the ship and hid in the cargo bay. The research vessel then left for Athens Prime, a small human colony known for scientific research. The hivemind broke into the remainder of the ship and killed every passenger before a warning could be sent out, but not before the captain warped into orbit of Athens Prime. The vessel plummeted into the atmosphere, and when it crashed, the Hivemind spread across the planet killing entire cities in their wake. Entire populations were converted into more Hivemind, and only two years later, the planet was rendered uninhabitable by lifeforms not from the Drift Dimension. The once bright green and blue planet was now a golden-stained color. The entire surface was covered in the similar hexagonal pattern of a beehive. Some hivemind learned to use the warp drive attached to spacecraft, and used this newfound knowledge to spread across the galaxy. After the hivemind was contained, they were eradicated and the planets once captured by the hivemind were subsequently glassed. Most worlds weren't re-inhabited after the invasion out of fear that more hivemind had somehow survived the initial glassing.