The Enochus system is a planetary system of 10 planets, 7 of which are rocky while the rest are Gas Giants. While largely uninhabited, a major battle during the Iquhayan Insurgency took place in the system, adding a large artificial asteroid belt around Jilian.
Planet Title Population Moons Summary Image
Nevetica 12 4 While being nearly identical to an average hot planet such as mercury, Nevetica is an important world due to its large surplus of platinum just under the surface.
Tehlatus ~ 3 Probably the most bland planet ever discovered, the only use out of it is high quality sand used for glass. Even then, most of it has been stripped away after a sudden and brief rush for it.
Jargon ~ 43 One of the planets you would expect to see around the galaxy as someones computer background or in a painting, Jargon is considered one of the most beautiful gas giants ever observed. While it could hold basic life in its thick atmosphere, most people choose to stay out of jargon, however.
Jilian 24,342,970 13 Jilian is the only planet in the system with any active civilization. It was named for the discoverer, James E. Thompson's wife, who unfortunately was killed in the Battle of Enochus in 2334. The planet serves as a shipping port for tourists and Neveticas platinum mines. Soon after the Iquhayan invasion in 2334, citizens began settling on Jilian,
Remnus ~ 1 Remnus is where most of the Battle of Enochus took place. The surface of the planet is littered with the destroyed spacecraft and even a massive Iquhayan dreadnaught on the southern pole. The planet was forbidden to be inhabited as a reminder to the many who died in the Iquhayan War.
Bleist ~ 1 While nearly void of any useful raw materials, Bleist has been a hotspot for scientific study, mainly because of the cracks seen throughout the planet. It was proven that the cracks are present due to ancient tectonic plates that have long since welded back together.
Clarentia ~ 8 Another hotspot for tourism in the Enochus system, Clarentia is much too cold for life to live for long, so an outpost was placed on one of the moons for a tourist destination.
Thompson ~ 1 Named after the systems discoverer, James E. Thompson, A massive Helium mine was placed in orbit around the planet. Currently, about 12% of the galaxies Helium production occurs on Thompson.
Xenus ~ 1 A rather large ice planet, Xenus was named by James E. Thompson's son while he was 11 years old. His son later claimed he thought the word "Xeno" was cool, so he used that as his idea. The planet itself is nearly identical to Bleist even down to the mysterious lines, but it is much colder than Bleist.
Shuencius ~ 66 The largest and coldest planet in the Enochus system, Schuencius is another tourist hotspot mainly for it's large and distinct ring system, unlike any found in the Solar System. The world, however is very violent and frequently has massive storms, which can be massive enough to interfere with radio signals.