The Fludiens are one of humanities greatest allies and the first extraterrestrial sentient lifeforms discovered by humans. They are a surprisingly humanoid crustacean species which adapted to the very watery world of Tuhot Fle'modd (Tu-hoat-Fleh-Mode). Before gaining sentience, they were one of the most fearsome predators seen on their homeworld. Using lightning quick reflexes, they could catch and devour a fish in seconds. They were adapted to become surface dwellers to lay hatchlings and catch land prey as well. Unlike humans, Fludiens gained sentience by creating advanced trapping systems to catch fish and land prey.


The first Fludien civilization was merely a group of Fludiens who built a small shelter nearby a collection of traps. About 12,000 BCE (Human time) The first trapping community was constructed on Tuhot Fle'modd. Over thousands of years, Fludiens began creating different jobs, such as the more common trapper, shelter builder, and surface dweller.

Most of Fludien history beyond this is unknown after much of it was destroyed in the Jideht-Shuflea war, when the Jideht destroyed much of the Shuflea great library.

In 1915 AD (Human time), the Fludiens developed a method of FTL Travel now known as "Passage Travel" and began spreading from the overdeveloped homeworld. When the Fludiens encountered the Humans, they had more advanced technology, but the humans had a better, more efficient method of travel, the Warp Drive. The Fludiens soon became allies with the Humans, and both species began to collaborate closely with many important studies.