Introduction Edit

The Hivemind are an invasive species originally found in the Drift Dimension. They escaped the Drift Dimension in 2787 and began invading worlds which had lifeforms on them. The first world they successfully captured was Athens Prime. After a long and very drawn out war, the Hivemind were eradicated, but at a very severe cost. Nearly 1,000,000,000 sentient lifeforms were killed at the hands of the hivemind invasion.

Stages Edit

The Hivemind have multiple stages of life. While the original hivemind has an appearance similar to a wasp, the infected will look similar to the species affected by the hivemind.

Stage 1 Edit

The hivemind is only present in small numbers and have only just started infecting the local population. No hive has been constructed, and no desired location has been found.

Stage 2 Edit

After a number of infections, the first new hivemind are being made in a newly built hive. The hivemind continue adding onto the hive as the population grows, and the population of the planet is at a growing decline.

Stage 3 Edit

A global effort has been put into stopping the infection, but it isn't looking good. The hive now takes up a large part of a large city, and the hive population numbers in the thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Stage 4 Edit

The local military has been all but effective at removing the threat. Now, it's either evacuate the planet, or be killed at the hands of the hivemind.

Stage 5 Edit

The hivemind infestation has killed most of the population and most of the others have fled. It has become a hunting game. The hive is about the size of a small country. Military has attempted to glass the area of the hive, but what is lost is gained tenfold afterwards.

Stage 6 Edit

The planet is now one massive planet-wide hive. The climate of the planet will undergo massive changes as the sheer number of hivemind will begin to decay the entire planet. Efforts to spread the infection to other worlds will begin soon after. Within a number of years, the hive will completely devour the planets surface, and the entire planet will be uninhabitable if the hive is successfully destroyed.