Introduction Edit

The Human Isolationist League is a terrorist organisation led by James Beckett which is primarily composed of Humans seeking to remain out of galactic politics, with the belief that if we got too involved in the galactic government, we would be one of the first to be destroyed in the event of a galactic rebellion. Although their numbers are small and the belief is considered radical by most humans and nearly every single non-human sentient in the galaxy, the HIL is one of the largest pirate/terrorist organisation in operation.

History Edit

The first HIL related organisation was formed in 2196, who held the belief that if we were to come across an alien civilization, we would remain to ourselves and only help the other species if it benefited us. At the time, most humans were very sceptical of what would happen in the event of first contact, so the original HIL gained much popularity. When humans encountered the Fludiens in 2320, there was a massive outcry from the HIL to evade the Fludiens and avoid any future contact. Humans did have formal first contact, much to the dismay of the HIL, and eventually became allies with the Fludiens. Since Humans had established peaceful contact, many people left the league because of the alliances benefits. Those who did remain were considered radical by even those who were once a part of the organisation. These members started raiding Fludien cargo ships and a smaller number of Human cargo ships destined for Fludien worlds. In 2334, when the Iquhayan war broke out, the HIL vowed to work with the UHG in fighting the Iquhayan fighters, but not the Fludiens. They did agree not to attack Fludien spacecraft, however.

Iquhayan War Edit