Introduction Edit

The Ikanu System is a Human controlled system of 8 planets, 3 ice giants and 5 rocky worlds. The planet Farnsworth is the largest settlement in the system with about 6 billion people. The planet lies just beyond the Goldilocks zone, but a greenhouse effect was set up allowing for comfortable living.

Planets Edit

Planet Title Population Moons Summary Image
Hubres ~ 2 The first planet in the system, by far the hottest temperature detected in the system at 483 Celcius.
Jirantu 12 1 Like Hubres, Jirantu is uncomfortably hot and unsustainable for life. it is believed that the two similar planets formed from the same materials.
Farnsworth 6,012,453,541 6 The most heavily populated planet in the Ikanu System, it has the systems only space elevator, and boasts multiple massive wealthy cities across the surface.
Theran 3,452,098 10 The smaller of the two ice giants in the Ikanu system, there exists a sizeable population around the planets 10 moons and an outpost floating within it's clouds.
Jalst 12,562 15 The only planet in the system with rings, it also contains numerous small outposts within it's twelve moons and throughout the ring system.
Teranus ~ 1 A dwarf planet which formed from an ancient asteriod belt, Teranus also has a single moon about a third of Teranus' size.
Muensa ~ 70 The largest and most assive planet in the system, as well as the most chaotic. With 70 different moons, scientists have studied vigorously how no collisions take place.
Brekst ~ 14 A dwarf planet located far beyond where anyone with reason would settle, Brekst remains untouched by settlement and it's 14 moons gracefully orbit around it.