Introduction Edit

The Lhangfa System is a Human controlled system of 6 planets, all 6 being rocky worlds. The planet Novus was selected to be the wildlife sanctuary for the creatures engineered in the Vitae Project. Although much warmer than most humans would be comfortable, it is suitable for life. The star, Lhangfa, is a brown dwarf which had a stunted development barely allowing the multiple planets to grow.

Planets Edit

Planet Title Population Moons Summary Image
Larona ~ 1 Although Larona only has one moon, it has by far the largest moon in the system, being over half the size of the planet itself. It is also very similar to Thonos, its nearby counterpart planet.
Thonos ~ 7 Almost identical to Larona, with the exception of Thonos having many more smaller moons instead of the large single moon.
Voruk ~ ~ Probably the most heavily volcanic planet in the local cluster, Voruk is actually the hottest planet due to the runaway greenhouse effect the volcanism has caused in the atmosphere.
Novus 12 4 Used primarily as a wildlife sanctuary containing entirely bio engineered creatures made by humans. Many of these creatures are endemic to Novus, while others can be found in a modified form elsewhere in the galaxy.
Fenrus ~ 5 While having a similar composition to Larona and Thonos, Fenrus is a much chillier planet which also has a thicker atmosphere than either of them.
Onerja ~ ~ Onerja is a dwarf planet on the outer brink of the system. It lies in the middle of the systems largest asteroid belt, the Gherus belt. The local space around Onerja is barren, however, because of the gravitational pull it has on nearby objects.