In the early 21st century, Minerva was first sighted by Human satellites. in 2176, when the warp drive was first used, it was used to teleport into the GLIESE 581 system, where astronauts explored the system in hopes of finding habitable grounds. Minerva was discovered to have perfect climate and overall earthlike qualities, and was planned for colonization. By 2192, when the warp drive was open for commercial use, the first colony was built on Minerva, officially beginning the Human Galactic Empire, or HGE. Its population exploded from then on, reaching its first 100 million within only 30 years. Due to its localness to the Sol system, Minerva became Humanities primary military planet. This worked well because the majority of Earth's inhabitants were opposed to military presence, and Minerva's inhabitants were mostly supportive of a stronger military. Within years of first settlement, massive megacities appeared on the surface, the largest being Malnata.