Introduction Edit

The Warp Drive is a technology that Humans and Fludiens currently use as a method of transportation. It was discovered in 2150, but almost immediately it was put under heavy security which minimized its availability to many researchers and scientists. This caused its development to slow down for several years. However in 2176 the design was given to a variety of private companies to further development. It was used to send colonists to other worlds soon after its release, and became a major part of Human transportation. When the Fludiens were discovered in 2320, the humans quickly became allied, and eventually shared the technology with the Fludiens.

History Edit

In 2150, Matthew J. Weyss had been searching for a more efficient way to produce energy through means of a generator. While his initial attempts failed and were outmatched by current designs, he loaded the generator up with a more volatile fuel source, and the end result teleported a nail nearly 100 feet away from where it originally was. After further experimenting, he was able to predict where an object would re-emerge. His invention was then overtaken by the government who kept the information hidden until 2176 when the first model for spacecraft was unveiled. While considered rather primitive in comparison to a modern warp drive, it was capable of sending the first manned spacecraft, the UHG Manifest to GLIESE 581.